A Quick Arm Workout

I have been thinking about working out my arms, therefore this seemed to be appropriate. This post is actually from Buzzfeed @Buzzfeed. It is my hope this quick exercise is as helpful to you as it has been to me. What workouts would you recommend to others?


Have a great weekend.

Lisa 🙂


How A Marketer Runs for President

online marketing                       As someone who is in marketing, it is quite entertaining to watch various candidates enter in to the hotly contested race for the president in 2016. As a result, I want to throw my hat into the ring because I understand the secret sauce related to becoming a presidential candidate. That secret sauce is both offline and online marketing (including social media). I am not a rich like Donald Trump, so I will delay my candidacy for president and instead blog about others marketing efforts. Sorry voters. Giggle.  In this blog post, I am going to outline marketing in politics, so you can run for president if you chose to do so. There are about 5 key aspects to being successful, which are the following: communication/PR= social media, data=marketing analytics, marketing=messaging, engaging your base=customer engagement, and social media marketing=24/7 news cycle.

Communication/PR=Digital/Social Media

If you notice, I describe things in terms of old and new media. Social Media has gained a place in politics per recent studies. Previously, candidates would have utilized expensive hard to get third party channels to communicate with the voting public. They had to hope that citizens saw or heard their message when it was sent out during a very small window of time. The campaign of President Barack Obama taught us that you can break that paradigm. His team at the time leveraged social media and digital technology to communicate their message directly to consumers. Social media allowed him to control the look, feel, and flow of that message to his potential voters. It created an easy way for it be shared, spread, and for voter participation. Additionally, mobile messaging technology allowed him to geo-locate and communicate with potential voters in a new real-time. This assisted him in being able to communicate a personalized message to voters gaining their attention outside of the normal news cycle.

Data=Marketing Analytics

Campaigns run on adrenaline and data. Political candidates similar to large healthcare companies have an intimate knowledge about you along with others in your community. Data assists political campaigns in their ability to develop a strategy and target the best voters aligned with their message. Data is used to drive strategy along with understanding what is looked upon favorably by the public on a real time a basis. For example, candidates can understand how their performance on a debate was received and adjust strategy immediately after the fact. Data when used thoughtful and strategically can be ensure a candidate’s success. Messaging=Marketing You hear the saying that candidates are “staying on message”. The message becomes about creating imagery that is tied to their campaign and embodies the candidate’s brand. Nike is a perfect example ie “Just Do It!”. The messages coming from candidates can be subtle or overt. In the case of the image below, Jeb Bush has made a decision to be very vague regarding his last name. In the upper left corner, he made sure to have in red letters just  “JeB!”. Let’s unpack that, it is in the upper left where most users focus their gaze on a website. It is stands out because of its red coloring. Additionally, he is not using his surname, which means he is trying to separate himself from his family. As you see the messaging, its color, and placement are important to candidates when branding themselves to the public.   online marketing Engaging your base=customer engagement  

As it stands now at the time of writing this, Donald Trump is leading the way with engaging his base. There are a couple of metrics and reasons supporting his success. One key reason is that he is a polarizing and provocative personality that has tapped into some social & psycho-graphic issues of the Republican voting bloc.  Many Americans are very frustrated about the economy, immigration, and the societal social change, which he hits upon in stump speeches thereby connecting with them. Currently, he has a tremendous lead on the other republican leaders vying for the Republican nomination for president. Additionally, voters are turning out to see Donald Trump make speeches and connect with him. Potential voters are connecting online, offline, and reflecting that in their tentative polling supporting him. He is a great marketer really tapping in the emotional and intellectual motivations of his voting bloc.

Social Media/Online Marketing=24/7 news cycle  

Online as well as social media has become such an integral part of political campaigns. President Barack Obama’s success was partially do his integrated grassroot efforts both offline and online marketing circumventing the 24/7 media outlets. The republicans really ignored that aspect of marketing, which may have assisted in contributing to their lack of success in the last president election. This time around both parties seem to understand the importance of leveraging social media. One candidate in particular seems to be winning the social media vote via many experts and that is Senator Bernie Sanders. He proves that President Obama success can be replicated on social media. Honorable digital mention goes to Senator Lindsey Graham who made a phone upgrade and got a iPhone, sadly because of Donald Trump. Senator Lindsay Graham don’t be afraid to use your phone for email. J  Senator Bernie Sanders is definitely successfully leveraging social tools to be connected 24/7 with those social savvy voters, while controlling his message.

social media


Well, I think I have identified the top marketing tends in politics. Are you ready to announce your candidacy for presidency? I will vote for you and handle your marketing.

Have a great day.


Happy Healthy and Safe 4th of July!

Hello All,

I hope everyone is well. I wanted send out some 4th of July love and healthy food ideas. Also I have included some tasty vegetarian options. Holidays can be tricky when you are struggling vegetarian. Here go some recipe ideas.

When friends get together naturally there will be some drinks. Here is a tasty light drink that you can enjoy. It is watermelon rose sangria. Doesn’t it look tasty?


If you want to keep cool and enjoy a relative healthy treat. I got something for you. It is a red, white, and blue Popsicle where preparation work is done in the freezer.


An important food for any 4th of July cookout is potato salad. Here is a healthy red, white, and blue potato salad that will win over guests.


Most importantly, I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July !

Video Blog: Fed up with the Pillsbury Doughboy!!

It seems consumers and food manufacturers such as General Mills are focusing on the consumption of more natural food. I figured that it was a good idea to review  the impact of eating all this artificial food in America.The movie Fed Up gives a good overview and history of the problem. The public and now General Mills knows the solution to the problem of society eating junk food,it is simple just eat real food.  Keep an eye out for my blog post later this week exploring why General Mills is shifting towards making more natural foods.  Do you think General Mills has good intentions?

How to Build a Satisfying Salad


vegetarian marketing
A vegetarian salad.

As someone who craves salads in their sleep, I know that is weird and not everyone has such wonderful interactions with salads. The biggest complaint is that salads are not very filling. The other thing that I notice is that people have either an old or narrow definition of salad.  When I say old, it means that it that horrible iceberg lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes.  Salads are usually put into the box of always having to include lettuce.  Today, I will be shattering all your preconceived notions about salads, while outlining how to make a salad that is filling. Here go the steps to creating a filling salad.

  • No Lettuce

Salads don’t necessarily need to include lettuce. A salad may include whole wheat couscous, quinoa, or even brown rice as base. All of those salad bases would fill you up along with having a slow metabolic burn.

  • Ok, a leafy vegetable

Yes, I know, but you say lettuce based salads don’t fill you up. My suggestion is not to use iceberg lettuce. Kale, Spinach, baby Spinach, and dark green leafy red romaine are very filling lettuce. These lettuces will assist you in filling full.

  • Good Veggies

These types of veggies will assist you creating a filling salad such as: avocados, cucumbers, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower.

  • Salad Dressing

This is critical choice when eating a salad. The creamy salad dressings tend to put on the extra pounds, so select carefully. Oil and vinegar with spices are an easy low-calorie salad dressing.  Generally, a salad dressing that is oil based will be fewer calories.

  • Protein

Many people are either omnivores or carnivores, thereby desiring some protein on their salad. One has many options if they are vegetarian seeking protein substitute, you can do soy artificial chicken strips, beans, crumpled soy, and tempeh. If you are more of a pescatarian, then a piece of baked fish such as snapper, salmon, or tuna might be your preference.

  • Cheese

I love cheese and adding it to a salad. I find that it makes the salad tastier.

It is my hope that this information makes you rethink salads. They can be filling and tasty. Also my personal favorite is to make a salad with either couscous or quinoa as the base. When I use either of those, the salad really seems to fill me up. Enjoy eating your salad. Happy Fruits and Veggies Month to you!


The Marketing of Beyonce and the Bachelorette

consumer marketing



As someone who works in marketing and digital/social world, my view of pop-culture is very analytical. The new season of The Bachelorette (BacheloretteABC) and Beyonce’s upset (Twitter @TheBeyHiveTeam) Beyhive has inspired me to blog. Both of these pop-culture phenomenons share a few similar elements worth exploring.

1) Primarily female fan base

Both shows have primarily female bases that are passionate advocates and ambassador for these two brands. Women, it is well known are obtaining both post secondary degrees as well as the accompanying salaries to facilitate a growing purchasing power. Most big household purchases are made by women, so you want to get in front of this powerful consumer group with both buying power and disposable income.

2) Drama and romance

The public loves drama and romance. Beyonce and Jay-Z as a couple are the pop culture embodiment of the power couple along with the occasional Solange elevator drama. Beyonce leverages that drama for album releases or for their On the Run tour. Similarly, the Bachelorette packs a room full of the nation’s sexiest fitness instructors along with lots of alcohol as a recipe that attracts millions of viewers. The premise of the Bachelorette is to find “everlasting love” for the contestants that has yet to be determined. For those of you who watched the Lifetime show Unreal will get that reference. Smile.

3) Consumer Behavior and social media

The offline world is very similar to the online word because people seek communities to connect with. Both Bey and Bachelorette provide that to the public. Several of the contestants on the Bachelorette were many times fans of the show. Beyonce has created a passionate engaged fan base on social media called the Beyhive. This Beyhive was so engaged that they woke up early for the launch of her new food product line. Bachelorette fans complained loud and passionately about slut shaming during the current season. Feedback from this highly engaged fan base has created a bi-directional communication between the brand and the community.

FYI, Ladies you can follow all those sexy bachelors on social media or LinkedIn.

4) Consumer engagement

Beyonce is the best example of this with millions of fans on various social media channels. As I mentioned before millions of fans woke early for her “special announcement”. She gives the fans that up close and personal connection that keeps them coming back for more via social media. A change in her hair color can blow up twitter. Bachelorette still has an engaged real time audience when other content creators struggles to get eyeballs in Hulu/DVR/Netflix age.

5) Revenue

Here is the bottom-line. Beyonce nor The Bachelorette franchise would spend all this time and energy, if revenue was not being generated. Both are bankable brands that are delivering via fans and in dollars. Beyonce was able to sell an album straight to iTunes. She gets it that girls rule the world!!

 How do you feel about these brands and their connection with their consumers/audience?