7 Easy Healthy Eating Tips




As autumn arrives and children go back to school, it becomes harder to adhere to a healthier routine. My tips are general, but in an attempt to provide full disclosure there is a bit of focus on being vegetarian. In my travels, I run into individuals who are diabetic or choosing on their own to become vegetarian. Currently, the healthcare system is not preparing patients for living a “vegetarian lifestyle”. Notice, I said “vegetarian lifestyle” it is a way of life not a change in eating for most people. Here goes:

  • Get a Food Mentor
    • A food mentor can assist you with the transition into becoming a vegetarian along with being there for you through the tough times. You will need a friend to call for support. Also they can provide guidance about food options, recipes, and restaurants that are vegetarian friendly.
    • Takeaway: Join an offline vegetarian group, online vegetarian group, or take vegetarian cooking classes to get some guidance.


  • Plan for eating
    • Planning certain aspects of my eating is something that I struggle with personally. My mother would say that I have some nerve mentioning planning my meals! It is my hope that is she isn’t reading this because she is right. It is very helpful, if one wants to be a successful vegetarian to plan meals along with carrying healthy snacks on their person. Please don’t forget to eat the food you carry or it will go bad. I found this out the hard and smelly way. Giggle.
    • Takeaway: A tip would be to stock up on the staples that are easy to eat each week, so you set yourself up for success. For example, you can try to have the following available: nuts, fruit, pre-soak beans for cooking, and some CLIF bars.


  • Hydration is key
    • This will assist with managing your hunger. Hydration can come in the form of having a cup of hot tea, which can assist with digestion. A person can experience some indigestion, during the transition, so keeping hydrated via ginger tea for example, is so important. Consuming water can assist with keeping you clear headed as well.
    • Takeaway: One should try to drink several glasses of liquid with some of that being ginger or chamomile tea.


  • Exercise is helpful
    • The” vegetarian lifestyle” journey is about the mind-body connection. Exercise will help with your mood aka mind. When one eliminates sugar, salt, and fat there will be a change in one’s mood. Generally, exercising can release endorphins that can put one in a better mood.
    • Takeaway: Exercise will help with your mood. It can be as simple as cardio, yoga, walking, or Pilates. Physical activity will assist with digestion as well.


  • Meditation/Mindfulness/Prayer is so so important
    • This relates back to the mind-body connection. You will feel various types of emotions during this period and possible feel like you are out of control. The ability to connect with your breath or a higher power can be tremendously helpful. It will assist you in keeping perspective during this time of transition in your life.
    • Takeaway: A moment of stillness will let you connect and manage your emotions. As little as 10-20 minutes of quiet deep breathing a day can help.


  • Loving kindness is a necessity
    • Basically, go easy on yourself and take it one meal at a time. If you fall off the vegetarian wagon, then get back on the wagon the next meal. We are all human and will make mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself during this process. Hey, I am also rooting for you!
    • Takeaway: You may fall off the wagon and eat meat, but it is okay. Get back out there and try again!


  • Embrace the variety of foods out there! Have fun!
    • There is so much healthy and tasty food out there! Have fun and remember being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you are eliminating options. You are creating more options and ways that you can eat food. There are tons of recipes to make and great vegetarian restaurants out there! Go forth and eat!

An important last note, please check with your doctor before and during this process because you don’t want to do yourself harm accidently.


Hot Drinks for Cold Weather!



I was inspired to list a few of my favorite cold weather drinks because of the snowy weather. Some of my recommendations are not healthy, but we all deserve to indulge sometimes. Enjoy! 🙂

Here goes:
Bigelow or Teavana Green Tea @Teavana
Homemade or store bought Hmart ginger tea
@DunkinDonuts Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate
Raspberry Decaffeinated Tea by Celestial Seasonings
Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Chamomile Tea & Sleepy Time Tea
Bigelow Pomegranate Green Tea
Any cup of hot coffee…giggle

Here is yahoo’s top 5 for the cold weather:


What are your cold weather hot drink recommendations? Please share. It is cold out here. 🙂


My Top Ten Favorite Healthy Things:

  1.  Brussels sprouts…I know please give them a chance. They have bad PR department. Giggle.
  2. All types’ of tea either loose leaf or bagged. My favorite is green tea with pomegranate via Bigelow. Also I like Teavana tea as well follow them at @Teavana.
  3. Cous Cous cooks up quickly and is filling, which makes it awesome.
  4. Seeds and nuts are great for a quick snack. My top two are almonds and pistachios. Pistachios are great for digestion.
  5. Sweetgreen is a restaurant in DC that makes something I love….salads. Follow them at @sweetgreen. Honorable mention to HipCityVeg (@HipCityVeg), which makes tasty reasonable priced vegetarian food as well as delivers in Philadelphia, PA.
  6. Hmart because of their beautiful fresh fruits, vegetables, and ginger tea, which is great for colds. Also they have vacuum packed tofu, which is hard to find. Here is there website. http://www.hmart.com/
  7. My rice cooker and vegetable steamer by Black and Decker. http://bit.ly/1cOwsZk
  8. A local lady who is doing great work bringing tasty vegetarian food to Philadelphia’s Germantown area. You can follow her at @UptownSoulFood.
  9. Trader Joe’s has some of my favorite foods, which are the following: Salmon burgers, Masala Burgers, Japanese Rice, and Falafel Balls. Also the former CEO is engaged in a new endeavor to bring expired quality food to citizens. See the article http://n.pr/1jhMVvC
  10. Walgreens because I love everything that they are doing to improve society’s healthcare. The ACOs, mobile apps, eradicating food deserts, and the new Well Experience store format. Walgreens is tied with Aetna for 10th place. Aetna is having great success with differentiating itself in the payer market via population health, mobile apps, and being a pioneer in customer engagement.

Honorable mention goes to Nike, which has been leveraging social media to increase their market share of their running shoe. I grew up wearing Nike, so I am biased.