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The Beauty of Quinoa

When you are either a vegetarian or on a diet holidays can be Awkward!!!
In the weeks ahead, I will be offering some words of support and tweets to assist you with eating healthy. I have embedded a video about an important seed named quinoa, which is very tasty, healthy, and versatile. In the video, there is a soup with quinoa mentioned that you can explore, which is very tasty. Hope the video is helpful.

Free Activity and Food Shopping Apps

Free Food/Health Apps

Today we will cover two free mobile applications that help with saving at the grocery store as well as a activity tracker app. First, we will cover Weekly Ads & Sales application. It is a great application that puts the power of coupons, weekly ads, and stores in the palm of your hand based on geo-location based information. You can create a grocery list with prices that will be calculated for you. Also there is an area of the application for electronic coupons that one can show at checkout. It still includes printable coupons for such things as books, beverage, OTC healthcare products, and pet food. The best part is the ability to actually see the weekly paper ad in digital form. Also the stores contact information as well as the integrated ability to get driving directions to the location was included. This is an awesome application. The con is that application loads slowly, so I will give the app 4 out of 5 stars.

The next mobile application is called CellFire. One can see the coupons for a given store as well as save them to their mobile application for later retrieval.  It is a geo-location based reflecting the stores in your designated area.  A great feature is one can put their store reward cards into the application to manage store savings cards. There is a section to see one’s history of savings.  The application is very user friendly and easy to navigate. My main problem was that I could not save my store reward cards into the application. As a result, I can only give the application 3 out of 5 stars. It may be user error with me not being able to save my rewards cards in the app.

Bonus mobile application is the Moves an activity tracker. The Moves application is a great real time tracker of one’s physical activity level. The application makes the distinction among walking, driving, and running. I took the Moves on a short test drive for a day and it was awesome. I will actually continue to use it. It can give you numerical as well as a visual representation of your activities each day. You can compare your workouts over time and notice certain trends. Also this application is very user friendly and always on, so there are not any extra buttons to click to start and stop it. Though I have only tried it for a little while, I give the Moves 5 stars. Most importantly, it is FREE!! It is on both the android and the iPhone platforms. Go download it today!