A 30 Minute Workout

Hello All,

Happy Holidays to All! This time of the year can be very chaotic leaving no time to workout.

This is a no equipment needed workout that anyone can do possibly anywhere. It is my hope that this work out is helpful.  Later this week, I will have another post covering my digital thank yous to my colleagues in both health and digital/social media in 2014.

Hope this workout is helpful.

Have a great week.

Happy Monday!


The Beauty of Quinoa

When you are either a vegetarian or on a diet holidays can be Awkward!!!
In the weeks ahead, I will be offering some words of support and tweets to assist you with eating healthy. I have embedded a video about an important seed named quinoa, which is very tasty, healthy, and versatile. In the video, there is a soup with quinoa mentioned that you can explore, which is very tasty. Hope the video is helpful.