The Great Vitamin Debate, Again!


             There has been a great deal of discussion related to effectiveness of vitamins. One day they are bad for you, then the next the minerals and nutrients are important for stopping everything from alzheimers to cancer. I agree 110% that humans should strive to get their minerals and nutrients from quality fruits, vegetables, and non processed foods. My issue is with the discussion, so let’s look at two players to illustrate my point.

                American Medical Association is doctors that have attended medical school. It is a very well known fact in some circles that doctors receive very little training in nutrition. Therefore, it is very challenging for such a group to discuss in an educated and nuanced fashion: vitamins, healthy diets, and nutritional value of foods. However, these groups along with government agencies are leading the discussion about supplements and potential benefits. This is the same government that gives farmers of corn, American tax dollars money in the form of subsidies, that are returned to citizens via a corn fructose infused in lot of processed food products. This corn fructose has been linked to potentially obesity and high rates of diabetes in Americans.

Groups such as the Council for Responsible Nutrition are interested in selling their supplemental nutrition products. Additionally, many of the participants at the council are from pharmaceutical companies. Many pharmaceutical companies have consumer health divisions that sell products such as multivitamins.  The scientists are put in an interesting position of doing the research and then evaluating the products of companies that support their livelihood.  This creates a bit of a quandary for scientific professionals. I provided links to my facts as well as argument against vitamins, which was very interesting.

Why don’t we stop this silly discussion and focus on what is best for American citizens? The spin from both directions is very dizzying. We clearly cannot trust either governmental agencies or doctors to discuss nutrition in a patient centric way.

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Book: Our Daily Meds  by Melody Petersen.

Please let me know your thoughts or frustrations related to this issue.

Patients and their care should be the focus as it relates to vitamins/supplements.

Happy 2014, everyone!



Gov Corbett and the ACA in PA

This post is inspired by Gov Corbett’s change of heart related to the ACA. This governor has shown that he doesn’t care about anyone students, ill citizens, or being reelected, it appeared. Please remember he was one of the governors that initially fought the ACA per Republican playbook. Gov Corbett has conveniently decided to roll-out a form of ACA in PA, since it is reelection time.  In his roll out, he has added a part time or “job search” requirement. These job search activities are really a way of supporting his supporters than run large non profits training programs for the state welfare department in poor and high unemployment communities. We can look to Pres. Clinton’s results from his welfare to work program to see that it was minimally successful in fixing income inequalities in America. Next, if a citizen misses a certain number of premium payments, then they will be cancelled from their insurance program. In the end this all is an attempt for Gov Corbett to say that he tried to work with President Obama to provide healthcare to PA citizens, yet received no support from the Democrats.

In the link, I have provided information about upcoming town hall meetings. Please attend, if you can.

The governor cuts education funding, but increases prison funding.

This is Corbett’s job creation record as governor of the state of PA.

His approach to healthcare as the governor.,0,51848.story#axzz2nn1PepOc