Kim Kardashian’s App is Teaching Healthcare


 In the past week or so some news in healthcare has sadden me related to Aetna’s Carepass app. I was really excited about the potential benefits of the application to customers of Aetna. Also I have a bit of a crush on the company as a result of hearing executives such as Martha Wofford talk about their work at the company.  It is striking when healthcare apps are juxtaposition against successful apps such as Starbucks, Snapchat, and the very addictive Kim K. app.  Kim K. success is baffling to most but it should not be. It kills me to admit it, but here are three take-aways from the Kim K. app for healthcare:

  • Have an established brand
  • Understand customer psychology
  • Engage with the customer


Kim K. has a tremendously leg up on the healthcare industry in terms of getting the attention of the coveted 18-34 year old consumer group. She has established brand with a track record in the media starting with a sex tape, next the television show, an exciting social media presence, physical stores, and lastly an app. All along the way she has made herself accessible to her fans. Fans connect with her because she is a known quantity. Society deems her popular, attractive, rich, and famous. Also there is a sprinkling of sex appeal as well. Guys theoretically want to her and girls want to be like her. Healthcare needs a little excitement, a real connection with its customers, and an attractive offline presence. Facilities that provide healthcare services should be the 3rd place like Starbucks. The focus needs be creating an engaging and enjoyable experience that embraces customers’ desires on a psychological level.


Healthcare shouldn’t put out a sex tape, but it sexual desire is a part of consumer psychology that should be leveraged to meet its goals of improved care.   Kim has turned consumers’ desire to be famous into a business model for success. Healthcare as I have been saying needs to change the conversation from keeping your BMI low to discussing how to maintain or gain a full head of hair, for example. The goal of good health will be attained, but with a focus on what is important to the consumer. Additionally, it would help healthcare companies if they had an ambassador that spoke to their desired target audience.  The brand ambassador must be a great stand in and connect with the intended audience on a social level.

Well, what can I say about engagement as it relates to Kim, since she has it all figured out. She has millions of Twitter followers, successful offline stores, and fans who are zealously engaging with her.  On social media, she communicates regularly, shares authentically, and provides pictures. Kim embraces her followers and knows how to give them more of her rich, beautiful, and famous lifestyle. The ability to connect to Kim K. is multi-dimensional for the consumer via television, mobile, social media, and actual physical store.  No matter the location, customers come away feeling connected to the rich, beautiful, and famous. Improving society’s health will need the same multi-dimensional approach. Consumers need mobile app to track and encourage them to move from one level to the next. Encouragement is a feature of Kim K. app in helping players moves on the Hollywood A list. Television can be used to entertain and educate them about their health. Social media is needed to continue to engage, support, and keep the conversation going.

Though I am jealous of her success, since it is not improving society’s health, I am learning from it. However, in her defense relaxation even if its television watching does improve one’s health. Smile. Consumers need a brand that is easy to understand and meets its needs. Engagement is needed in a real authentic way with the target audience by those with Klout. Lastly, however most importantly healthcare needs a course in consumer psychology. Healthcare is learning, so watch out Kim Kardashian!

What do you think apps like Kim K. and Snapchat teach healthcare anything? Tell me your take on this topic.

Happy Friday to everyone!



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