Understanding nutritional labels

This is great post for assisting with label reading for meeting your diet goals.

Daily Dose of Fresh

#Fact – Healthy eating starts with knowing exactly what you are

putting in your mouth.


In order to do so you first need to understand nutritional labels

Although food manufactures are required by law to include nutrition information on their products, the information still seems to be intimidating and sometimes misleading to the average consumer.

So here is what you need to know.

South Africa is a metric country, the energy value of foods must be expressed in kilojoules (kJ).

So, if a food’s energy value is listed as 700 kJ per portion, then this is how much energy you will ingest when you eat a portion of this food.

However, many manufacturers still list the energy content of foods in calories (kcal) or use both kJ and calories.

1 kcal = 4.187 kJ

Energy in food is always expressed in kcal, but most manufacturers forget to use the…

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