What Happens at Chik-fil-A Stays at Chik-fil-A?

Vegetarian Journey Issue 2

What Happens at Chik-fil-A Stays at Chik-fil-A?Image

The mention of Chik-fil-A in the post title is related to a few youthful food indiscretions. Don’t judge me! Giggle. Some of these indiscretions have happened at Chik-fil-A because I got weak and didn’t chose a healthy fruit salad at the time. The kids’ meal with grilled chicken is surprisingly a sizable portion, filling, and tasty. Outside of this blog and asking for forgiveness of my food sins, what happens in Chik-fil-A stays there! It’s like Vegas, but without the gambling.Giggle

My accountability entry regarding my food journey will detour briefly to cover my love of hummus. Pathmark offers a wonderful hummus by a company called Tribe Hummus. That company’s hummus is in the picture above this blog post. It goes great with cucumbers and baby carrots, which is what is making me happy this week. Smile.

Generally, I have been well behaved vegetarian this week. If there is any great confession, it is that I am trying to minimize my consumption of candy during working hours. On a normal day, I am a very high energy person, so eating sugary candy coupled with caffeine is not a good food combination for me. The sugar high feels so good until you crash…LOL.

Next week, I will prep my meals ahead of time as well as have an emergency food stash with me at all times. This is hard for someone like me who likes to work 24/7, but food preparation is necessary part of being a good vegetarian along with making the right food choices. I did good overall all this week along with having no Chik-fil-A slip ups. So I am off to plan my meals for the week ahead. This should be interesting along with making my mother proud because I am getting organized and planning my week.

Happy Spring to Everyone!

Share this food diary entry. Also talk back to me with your tips for eating healthy on the go. I will answer you. 🙂



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