My Top Ten Favorite Healthy Things:

  1.  Brussels sprouts…I know please give them a chance. They have bad PR department. Giggle.
  2. All types’ of tea either loose leaf or bagged. My favorite is green tea with pomegranate via Bigelow. Also I like Teavana tea as well follow them at @Teavana.
  3. Cous Cous cooks up quickly and is filling, which makes it awesome.
  4. Seeds and nuts are great for a quick snack. My top two are almonds and pistachios. Pistachios are great for digestion.
  5. Sweetgreen is a restaurant in DC that makes something I love….salads. Follow them at @sweetgreen. Honorable mention to HipCityVeg (@HipCityVeg), which makes tasty reasonable priced vegetarian food as well as delivers in Philadelphia, PA.
  6. Hmart because of their beautiful fresh fruits, vegetables, and ginger tea, which is great for colds. Also they have vacuum packed tofu, which is hard to find. Here is there website.
  7. My rice cooker and vegetable steamer by Black and Decker.
  8. A local lady who is doing great work bringing tasty vegetarian food to Philadelphia’s Germantown area. You can follow her at @UptownSoulFood.
  9. Trader Joe’s has some of my favorite foods, which are the following: Salmon burgers, Masala Burgers, Japanese Rice, and Falafel Balls. Also the former CEO is engaged in a new endeavor to bring expired quality food to citizens. See the article
  10. Walgreens because I love everything that they are doing to improve society’s healthcare. The ACOs, mobile apps, eradicating food deserts, and the new Well Experience store format. Walgreens is tied with Aetna for 10th place. Aetna is having great success with differentiating itself in the payer market via population health, mobile apps, and being a pioneer in customer engagement.

Honorable mention goes to Nike, which has been leveraging social media to increase their market share of their running shoe. I grew up wearing Nike, so I am biased.


2 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favorite Healthy Things:

    • Hello Jana,
      Thanks for the question. I dont use Trader Joe brand rice. Usually, I would tend to leverage the information from the product manufacture.
      Have you tried googling the model number and brand for an instruction manual? The manual typically has that information.
      My model is very old, but there is a pdf out there. Let me know, if I can further assist you.


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