An App for Romance and Health

I never thought that I would be discussing romance and apps. However, there is famous saying that is often quoted, “There is an app for that!”  Hula app helps with an important public health issue STD testing. Studies say that from November to Valentine’s Day is a busy time for online dating, so why not get an app to learn your partner’s STD status, so in comes Hula.

The mobile application is called Hula, which is currently only available on iOS. The application is a middle man between the patient and the healthcare provider. Information is only available to the patient and the intended partner. There is no sharing to Facebook. Hula staff is well trained to interrupt the results. The application can assist you with finding testing centers, set reminders to get tested, and gives date/time stamps for when you are tested.

I say Kudos! to Hula for making a helpful mobile app. Here’s why:

  • It makes a difficult conversation a little less so.
  • Those in under-served areas are users of mobile technology, so this is accessible to them. The issue of the digital divide is addressed.
  • The patient’s privacy concerns are addressed.
  • One’s testing results should be easily accessible and understood by consumers themselves.
  • Hula is being a role model for other mobile applications.
  • Most importantly this app is efficiently addressing our nation’s public health organizations ability to test for STDs.

You can download Hula at:



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