Gov Corbett and the ACA in PA

This post is inspired by Gov Corbett’s change of heart related to the ACA. This governor has shown that he doesn’t care about anyone students, ill citizens, or being reelected, it appeared. Please remember he was one of the governors that initially fought the ACA per Republican playbook. Gov Corbett has conveniently decided to roll-out a form of ACA in PA, since it is reelection time.  In his roll out, he has added a part time or “job search” requirement. These job search activities are really a way of supporting his supporters than run large non profits training programs for the state welfare department in poor and high unemployment communities. We can look to Pres. Clinton’s results from his welfare to work program to see that it was minimally successful in fixing income inequalities in America. Next, if a citizen misses a certain number of premium payments, then they will be cancelled from their insurance program. In the end this all is an attempt for Gov Corbett to say that he tried to work with President Obama to provide healthcare to PA citizens, yet received no support from the Democrats.

In the link, I have provided information about upcoming town hall meetings. Please attend, if you can.

The governor cuts education funding, but increases prison funding.

This is Corbett’s job creation record as governor of the state of PA.

His approach to healthcare as the governor.,0,51848.story#axzz2nn1PepOc


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