Getting healthy for the summer….


The summer months are here, so as a result everyone is trying to get healthier.  As I have been reading lately a couple of things have caught my eye about this topic. Additionally, I based the list below on my experiences as well as trying to being realistic about what people could do. Here are my tips for being healthy for the summer:

1.       Adding or squeezing some lemon in your water.  It is a great drink for removing toxins from your body.

2.       Drinking both more iced tea and green tea. Tea is great for your overall health and your metabolism.

3.       Take a small step towards exercising more like walking a bit more.  An easy way to do this is to explore your neighborhood.

4.       In combination with exercise, explore fat burning supplement such as Raspberry Ketones. Please consultant your physician before taking a supplement. Ketones are a great appetite suppressant and fat burner.

5.       If you are out with friends and want to drink, try a light beer or cocktail with low calorie liquor. Heineken Light, Amstel Light, and Bethanny Frankel (sangria or margarita mix) make great light drinks.

6.       Reward yourself when you do the right thing as far as your health i.e. buy that purse you been eyeing, go to the movies, or buy yourself some new tools.

7.       Split up your workout throughout the day. So for example, I will do calisthenics in the am. During lunch, I will spend the whole hour walking. In the evening, I will do either cardio or yoga for a half hour.

8.       The Kellogg brothers understand the importance of regularity as it relates the bathroom. In that vein, one should strive to excrete after each small meal eaten. This minimizes one’s weight gain, therefore makes you appear smaller.  A few additional items added to your diet such as either a probiotic or increasing your intake of fruit/vegetable can increase your bathroom activities.

9.       It is the summer time, so nix the fried food and meats. At the very least, one can minimize them because diets with less of these items tend to be healthier.

10.   Have fun and explore new foods! Also forgive yourself, if you fall off the good food wagon and eat the wrong things one day. Please just try to get back on the wagon the next day! I will be here to cheer you on!

 Have a great summer!


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