Mobile Phone Applications…that support busy professionals eating healthy while on the go

The two mobile applications that I chose to test out were easy to use as well as supported healthy eating on the go.

Fooducate is a great mobile application that really takes the mystery out of mystery meat. It provides a letter grade once a product’s bar code is scanned, indicating the health quality of the food product. Additionally, it is very easy to use. One just needs to hold their phone up to the bar code on the package. In minutes, you receive feedback about calories, grade, fats, vitamin contents, and eight things to know about it. The application empowers users by explaining complex food additives such as maltodextrin. The application permits users to browse through different products to find top quality low processed healthy foods. Included in the application is a health tracker feature to assist those looking to lose weight. It is pretty robust application that can track calories eaten as well as calories burned. One can really customize the application to meet their needs. Lastly, the best and most important part about this application is that it was free. In closing, I give the application a solid A- for ease of use, helpful daily blog tips, personalization features, and being free. My only concern was the application can be a bit awkward to navigate, which held it back from getting an A+

VegFast was another free mobile application that I explored to report on. The focus is making good vegetarian friendly food decisions when one is out seeking food at restaurants. Most of the restaurants listed appeared to more of the fast food variety. Once one selected a particular restaurant, it would display a breakdown of vegetarian and vegan options for the user. This mobile application was free and very basic in terms of features. The application seem to give a very basic analysis of the food items, which I think most individuals could also do with a basic understanding of health/nutrition from a middle school health education class. If I had paid for this application, then I would have felt cheated. The lists of restaurants that are covered in the application are not extensive. It pains me but I have to give this application a D-. The only reason that I didn’t completely fail the application was because it could be a great intro vegetarian eating for some individuals. However, if you are slightly savvy or novice like myself, and then stay away from it completely. Lastly, it is a free application so one could download if they want to just for fun.



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