I want to eat healthier but I am busy??? Got any advice for me??

Tips for eating on the go as busy urban professional….
1. Try to keep hydrated plenty water, green tea, and other teas
2. Keep a piece of fruit such as an orange or apple in your bag
3. Keep a zip lock baggy of nuts, trail mix, or seeds on your person
4. Be prepared to have multiple small meals throughout the day
5. Try to keep a packet of plant based vegetarian friendly shake mix in your bag
6. Also the nearest drug store such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS carries healthy snacks such as those listed Some Walgreens carry fruit in the stores as well as Wawa if you are on the east coast.
7. Last tip buy frozen vegetables. You can eat them in minutes by popping them in the microwave; however I recommend stove top cooking to minimize amount of radiated food eaten.


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