Beans…Beans…What to do with them? How to cook them?

Beans are great source of protein and a great alternative to meat. There are many different types of beans that one can choose from to use for cooking. Preparation before hand is a critical key to success when cooking with beans. The actual cooking of beans is relatively easy. One just needs to simmer them at a relative medium heat for half hour or more depending on quantity, so that they absorb water and become soft. It is helpful to add certain spices to them when cooking them.
Quick Lesson:
Beans are protein rich superfood, good source of fiber along with antioxidants, which most people’s diets are lacking. The variety among them is vast such as black bean, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, cannellini beans aka chick peas, and the list goes on. Below there is a link for more details on the beans listed as well as others.

Cooking beans:
My personal tip for cooking beans is related to preparing them. Dried beans versus canned beans require a slightly different technique. Dried beans, first one sorts through them to make sure bean quality is good, then rinse them with cold water. Canned beans, one should drain off the can fluid that the beans are packed in. Next, one should rinse off the canned beans several times with cold water. Once the beans either canned or dried have been rinsed thoroughly with cold water several times. Ideally, the beans should be soaked for at least 8 hours with just enough cold water to cover the beans. After which, the beans should be rinsed again with new cold water, then boiled on medium heat with several bay leaves, garlic, and other spices of one’s choosing. In my experience, the garlic and bay leaves help with digestion lessen the gas created by the beans. Additionally, adding onions additionally help because they are considered a prebiotic. Prebiotic assist with preparing one’s digestive system for digestion.
Real life tip:
Many times, one doesn’t have the time or energy to soak beans overnight, so I included tips for quick cook approach for beans. Please use this option as an alternative. See the following link.
Beans are wonderful nutritious food both convenient and versatile. Some links were added below with recipe options such as soups, salads, casserole, and list goes on. Once the beans are cooked then they can be added to almost anything.


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